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At Home Fitness :: Arizona :: Products :: Cardio :: Landice L8 Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill

Landice L8 Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill

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Landice L8 Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill
Price: $4,699.00
Landice L8 Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill


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Pro Console Included
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The Landice L8 Pro Sport Trainer is the middle of the line model in the L8 series, offering more features than the Sport Trainer.  With the extras offered with this model, you can further personalize your workout and push yourself to the next level.

As with all treadmills in the L8 series, the Pro Sport Trainer incorporates the latest technology in order to guarantee the best workout possible.  In addition, it is made to be durable and to last a life time, as it is made with only top line parts. These parts include a four horsepower continuous-duty drive motor, which allows the machine to push your workout to the highest level without risk of overheating.

Despite all of the technology and power of the treadmill, it is also designed to look great in your home gym.  The attractive and sleek design ensures it will look nice no matter where you decide to put it.

Landice has been in the treadmill manufacturing business for almost 40 years.  During this time, the company has focused exclusively on the design and manufacture of treadmills.  As a result, Landice has established a solid reputation in the industry and has gained respect from consumers as well as from the competition.  With its focus placed entirely on treadmills, the company has also been able to remain on the cutting edge of treadmill technology.  It has paid off for Landice, as the company has been ranked #1 for the past five years by consumer ranking industries.

All of the treadmills in the Landice L8  series include certain features.  These include:

  • A strong, rust-free frame that is made of aluminum and is capable of holding up to 500 pounds, making it the strongest in the industry
  • A continuous-duty drive motor that puts out four horsepower and makes it possible to workout at speeds ranging from 0.5 mph to 12 mph
  • Special safety features that allow the machine to be turned off immediately, including a magnetic key switch and a safety lanyard
  • Two different levels of shock absorption, with the VFXPlus Shock Absorption system coming standard and providing five times the absorption of grass and the ElliptiMill Orthopedic Shock Absorption System that offers seven times the absorption and provides additional protection to the knees and joints
  • A one inch thick deck that is reversible and provides 3,000 hours of workout time on each side and 30 years worth of workout time for the average user
  • A 1000-pound thrust elevation motor that provides 33% more strength than the nearest competitor
  • A high-inertia, cast flywheel that adds protection to the motor and electrical components while also helping make the workout smoother
  • Rollers that are large in diameter, which helps to increase the surface area and reduce tension so the bearings and belts are longer lasting and the machine operates more smoothly
  • A four-ply treadbelt that is 22” x 63” long
  • An electric grade elevation of 15%
  • An accessories rack

The Landice L8 Pro Sport Trainer offers all of these characteristics as well as some that are unique to the model.  These include:

  • A numeric keypad that contains Quick-Grade and Quick-Speed controls
  • Five built-in programs with unlimited effort levels and variable time
  • Five programs that are user defined
  • Programmable goals for distance, time, and calories
  • Three different levels of fitness tests, including Balke, Firefigher, and Army
  • Two different heart-rate monitoring programs that are built-in
  • Two heart-rate monitoring programs that are user-defined
  • A wireless-chest-strap for heart-rate monitoring
  • An Accutrack contact heart-rate monitoring system
  • Optional parallel medical rails
  • Optional black frame
The Landice L8 Pro Sport Trainer comes complete with a lifetime warranty on treadmill parts as well as a one year warranty on labor.

Landice treadmills are consistently rated #1 by the world’s leading consumer publications. Some publishers do not allow the use of their name. Others that do are referenced below .

"One of the best values you will find on a high quality machine...Unless you can get a great deal on another treadmill in this price range, Landice is the way to go."

"An incredibly solid treadmill. Some cheaper treadmills may be better for some people but if you're serious, this is a serious machine."

"It is a thing that is beautiful in motion and you cannot beat the Baldor motor."

"It's hard to pass up the lifetime warranty and if you are a runner, you will love this treadmill."

"With the upgrade to the appearance for this year's model, this one becomes hard to beat for those who are serious about their training."

Best Buy Treadmill From $4000 and Over

For 30+ years, Landice has been the cream of the crop for high end treadmills and this year is no different. The Landice L7 Cardio trainer treadmill is the perfect combination of performance, design and cost.

The Landice Cardio Trainer series is the best treadmill in a brand of excellent treadmills and gets 5 gold buddahs out of 5 from the Sensei.

Running in Place
Top treadmills to keep you going year-round

Landice L8 Cardio Trainer
Simply put: The L8 can take a pounding. While many of the other units in this review are made from steel, the L8 is constructed from super-strong, aircraft-quality aluminum--delivering durability that's ideal for runners who push their equipment to the limit

Rarely are Best Buy selections chosen from the higher price points because value is a key consideration in any buy being the best. The Landice Road Runner L8 is an exception of sorts to this rule, because this treadmill is so unique in its design.

Quality and durability are certainly inherent in this top-of-the-line treadmill, but the automobile design is the thing. The design stays true to the illusion in every detail. You start the treadmill's operation with an ignition key. You increase speed with a red-knobbed gear shift, and there's an identical gear shift to control the level of incline. Add to this a built-in six-disc CD player and it's "zoom, zoom, zoom." Other automobile-like features of the console are round analog speedometers and a track display to diagram the distance run on the oval track--and all this inside a realistic replica of a late model car radio faceplate. Non-concept features are a brushed aluminum frame, 3-hp continuous-duty engine, and Landice's trademark VFX shock absorption system. It may seem a bit pricey, but to see it is to believe it. The Landice Road Runner L8 is a special Best Buy.

"Top of the Line"

Landice prides themselves on manufacturing treadmills, and their focus pays off in units like the L7. The four-ply belt and VFX shock-absorption system work wonders, but the real magic is in the control panel. It features the latest applications of computer graphics down to animation of a runner in a little screen in the center of the console. There are six user-designed programs that can be altered to your own specifications, along with seven built-in programs for the unimaginative. The computer even allows for six different training calendars so everyone in the family can follow their own plan. A magnetic foot-plant monitoring system is constantly correcting belt speed to eliminate belt surge. The L7 features a rust-proof aluminum frame. The Landice L7 Executive Trainer is surely top of the line.


Runners World Magazine published the results of their customer satisfaction survey of over 2000 readers who owned or used a treadmill at health clubs or corporate fitness gyms. The readers were asked to rate the treadmills on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest rating. The following is a list of the top results:













 Star Trac By Unisen


 True Fitness


 Life Fitness


"Gear of the Year"

"Looking to the automotive world for inspiration, Landice created a treadmill with the brushed aluminum finish of an Audi TT, the round, red-and-white analog gauges of a ’55 T-bird, and the audio console of a Lexus SC 430. Under the hood it’s powered by a 3 hp engine that exceeds health club standards and pushes its top speed to 12 mph – a very respectable pace."


Landice L7
Executive Trainer

Special Features: "Computer-animated LCD video screen shows a large menu of data including running situations (road, track, vertical climbs), Heart rate zone timer, program setups and a training calendar; memory stores information for up to 6 different users; programs have built-in warm-up and cool-down; reversible deck."

Runner's World

Bottom Line: "An exceptionally solid, stable machine with a unique multi-feature display."
Also named fastest treadmill in seconds - from 0 to 10 mph in 16 seconds.


Landice L7
Executive Trainer

“If you want the best - and can afford it - the L7 is the bad boy. ”

“With sold design, VFX shock-absorption system to soften impact, a rustproof aluminum frame and a four-ply belt, it's designed to handle the pounding of a lineman.”

Men's Fitness

“But the L7 has a sensitive side, too: A magnetic foot-plant monitoring system that corrects belt speed 30,000 times per second to eliminate belt surge. Electronics include six built-in and five user-defined programs, along with a sophisticated, yet easy to use, display with interactive graphics such as lifelike computer animation and a training calendar for up to six users. Also included is a fully automatic heart rate control program and wireless heart rate.”


Eye On Fitness: ACE Internet Poll
Links Home Treads to Awards

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) announced the winners of their first-ever "Excellence in Customer Satisfaction" awards. Awards were bestowed following an online random sample polling of 20,000 home treadmill owners nation wide.

Landice Treadmills was awarded the Excellence in Customer Satisfaction in the "more than $2000 category".



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