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Arizona Diamondbacks & At Home Fitness Team Up

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

With the MLB Playoffs right around the corner, the Arizona Diamondbacks continue to make their push towards post season play.  At the same time, At Home Fitness kicks off the start of their own busy season with a one of a kind promotion.  Together with the D-Backs, At Home Fitness will send two lucky people to an end of this 2007 regular season home game with the division leading Diamondbacks.   While at the this game, the lucky duo will be invited into the broadcasters booth to spend an inning with the announcers.  This is truly a once in a lifetime event.  With a pivotal 3 game series with the L.A Dodgers to wrap up the 2007 home season, how much better could this get?

Stop by an At Home Fitness Superstore today to enter for your chance to win.¬† The¬†grand prize drawing for two tickets to the “inning in the broadcast booth promotion ” will be held on¬†September 13th, 2007.¬† The winners will be notified on September 14th, 2007.¬† No purchase necessary.¬† See stores for complete details.¬† Good Luck & Go Diamondbacks!¬†

SportsArt Fitness Debuts at

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

SportsArt Fitness at out our new line of SportsArt Fitness in our Arizona At Home Fitness store! We’ve got your SportsArt Treadmills, Ellipticals and Recumbent Bikes for your home.

Don’t forget free shipping and our Labor Day week long sale when you buy SportsArt Fitness from!

At Home Fitness Labor Day Sale

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

At Home Fitness will be announcing plans for their annual Labor Day home fitness equipment sale.¬† Last year’s Labor Day Sale¬†set a three day record for home fitness equipment sales by the privately held L.L.C.¬† The three year old company will finalize their plans for this year’s sale¬†on Monday, August 26th.¬†

At Home Fitness is the largest retailer of specialty fitness home exercise equipment in Arizona and online.  For more information please visit them at:

 Bushnell & Associates Press; AZ 8-23-07.  BBB Online 

all rights reserved 

At Home Fitness - Home Fitness Equipment in Arizona (AZ)

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

If you are in the market for home fitness equipment, At Home Fitness offers a complete line up of cardio, strength and accessories.  At Home Fitness sells the top brand names in the home fitness equipment industry. Brands such as; Landice Treadmills, Octane Ellipticals, Horizon Fitness, SportsArt Fitness, LifeCore, Vectra Home Gyms, Inspire Homes Gyms, ProSpot Fitness, Torque Home Gyms, Powerblock Dumbells, DiamondBack Fitness, Go-Fit Accessoires, Body Solid and many others.

At Home Fitness has several Arizona home fitness equipment retail stores for your convienance.  Locations in Chandler AZ; Scottsdale AZ; and Tolleson/Avondale AZ.  With full time, on staff expert fitness consultants, you will be provided with the best home fitness advice and professional support available.

 These professional, home fitness equipment specialists will help you find the best solution for your needs.  They will assist you in choosing the right fitness equipment and help you reach your fitness goals.

With so many options available today, let At Home Fitness make your fitness equipment search easy.  Click on their website; or stop into one of their local Arizona (AZ) superstores. 

If they can be of immediate assistance, simply call toll free at 1-888-940-1022 

Guidelines To Home Fitness Equipment Research. Buyer Beware!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

How do you really know which fitness equipment is right for you? Below, you will find simple guidelines to quality home fitness equipment research.

It should seem simple; you want to buy home fitness equipment so you begin your research online to get a feel for what is out there. You want to buy home fitness equipment of great quality and great value. You begin at GOOGLE and type in treadmill reviews or elliptical reviews and wait for the results. You soon run into the paid solicitations’ websites. Some of these sites claim to be fitness equipment service sites or home fitness equipment review sites‘ who just happen to spend hours on end, out of the kindness of their hearts, reviewing all different brands of home fitness equipment so you can have an unbiased review. It soon becomes very difficult to decipher all of the information available to you over the internet. The waters become even cloudier when you begin reading these seemingly unbiased reviews on home fitness equipment. You may think that you are receiving s valuable, unbiased opinion but, what are you really looking at? In many cases, you are actually looking at sites that are owned by a manufacturer or reviews that have been bought.

Numerous websites on the internet that claim to offer legitimate rankings and reviews are actually nothing more than paid solicitations. These are websites that actually receive monetary contributions from a manufacturer in exchange for positive reviews. Buyer beware!! The top brands in this industry such as; Landice Treadmills, Octane Ellipticals and Horizon Fitness always dominate the real ratings and review guides. They are unwilling to pay fake website companies tens of thousands of dollars to push their product. These top manufacturers don’t need fake ratings for their products to be successful. So, out of spite, these fitness equipment review websites give brands like these very negative reviews. Reviews such as:

If you buy this elliptical with we have a deal for you. Several years ago we sold Tennessee magic rocks for $100 each. We now have the SUPERTennessee magic rock for only $999. It cures cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, toe fungus, bad breath, and guarantees the seller will have giggles for the rest of their natural lives.

It’s amazing to many because what companies like these are claiming; the actual fitness industry has documented proof of the exact opposite! Manufacturers like Octane Ellipticals have been the #1 most popular elliptical in the specialty fitness industry for the last 3 years. Manufactures like Landice Treadmills, who have been the #1ratedtreadmill overall, 4 years in a row by Consumer Reports with a perfect score. These online home fitness review sites should be under investigation for extortion and slander for misrepresenting the manufacturer’s products and for misleading the general public.

Think about this for a second, if you are looking at a website that supposedly features unbiased home fitness equipment reviews and nothing else, what is their motivation? They do these reviews because it is a significant source of income for them. Some manufacturers who need help selling their lower quality product will gladly pay money for higher reviews and ratings. For this reason, the only creditable home fitness equipment research is through sources that actually print and sell their reviews through newsstands, supermarkets and subscriptions. These legitimate review magazines make their money through advertisers and subscriptions. The have a reputation to uphold and if their reviews are inaccurate, their customer base will decline quickly. Examples of these are Consumers Report, Runners World, Gear Trends and Consumer Digest.

Now, truly the most significant and most creditable ratings for home fitness equipment research always come from inside the fitness industry. Reviews that can not be bought and paid for by the manufacturers. Reviews from SNEWS and Gear Trends are two of the most creditable sources for proper guidelines for your research. These sources annually poll every fitness retail company in the U.S and ask the important questions such as: What is your best selling treadmill, elliptical or home gym? Questions like, Who is the best/worst manufacturer to work with? These findings will give actual inside industry facts that are voted on by professions from the fitness industry. Also, reviews such as Runners World and Consumer Reports also give honest, unbiased reviews. It is of the utmost importance that when you do your home fitness equipment research you are truly looking at honest reviews and not paid for endorsements.

Remember, anyone can buy a review; very few manufacturers can actually earn a top pick in the real world.

Which Elliptical Trainer Is Right For You?

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

So many ellipticals, so little time.  How do you really know which elliptical trainer is right for you?  The belief that an elliptical is a non impact machine is only half right. While ellipticals do produce a much lower impact on the human body than treadmills or stair steppers, they can actually do more harm than good.  While doing your research on elliptical trainers it is essential that you fully understand how to recognize the good from the bad.  A basic understanding of how the human body works will give you a better understanding of how to shop for an elliptical.

An elliptical trainer is supposed to recreate a walking or running motion.  In simple terms, they are supposed to be an extension of your body.  Your feet stay in constant contact with the pedals so your body does not receive the pounding from your feet hitting the surface.  The key to a well designed elliptical is the angle and motion the pedals produce. 

An easy way to determine if an elliptical has a good motion is if you are able to use the machine and feel comfortable without holding on to the handles or arms.  You don’t have to hold on to anything while you are walking, so why should you need to hold on to something while using an elliptical?  If you are unable to use the machine without supporting yourself, this means that the elliptical is forcing your body into a position that is out of the ordinary. 

This is where problems arise.  With all of your bodyweight being transferred through your feet, an awkward, unnatural motion will cause a significantly higher amount of stress on your joints. 

When you take a step, a very specific, reoccurring motion occurs. As your front foot comes forward, your back heel lifts up first.  The heel needs to lift first to naturally transfer your body weight forward to your front foot.  As your rear foot leaves the ground, that foot comes forward, toe pointing down, with your knee and hip relaxed.  As your rear foot moves in front of you, your body begins to repeat the process.

Many ellipticals interfere with that process.  Dangerous combinations are ellipticals that produce an upward thrust, usually stemming from rear drive type motions.  Also, ellipticals that do not allow you to lift your heal are biomechanically incorrect.  When an elliptical forces your heal upward, before your body has a chance to do it naturally, a significant amount of stress will be redirected to your knees, Achilles tendons and your hips.

An elliptical trainer should have a very natural, fluid motion.  When you try out an elliptical, notice if your feet experience any significant stress.  Does the curvature and angle of the pedals coincide with the natural motion your body needs? Is the pedal spacing and width too wide for you, forcing your body weight to transfer side to side, rather than front to back?


This one is easy.  If you want to find the best home fitness equipment, only shop at exclusive retail fitness stores like At Home Fitness.  Stores like these specialize in home fitness equipment, not golf clubs, tennis shoes, camping equipment etc…  You will have unparalleled customer service, expert fitness consulting, and ultimately a better overall experience.  These expert fitness consultants will be able to help you find the right solution.  They will help you pick out an elliptical that will fit your body style and your budget while providing you with a machine that will not break down every other week.

The best example of an elliptical machine that creates a natural stride as well as a fluid biomechanically correct motion is the Octane Elliptical.  The design of the Octane Elliptical is actually based on a computer engineered program called “body mapping ergonomics.”  The motion of the human body was recreated into a computer program and then transformed into the basic design for the Octane Elliptical.  This machine combines an extremely realistic motion with a very close pedal width of 1.8”; a 20.5” stride length, and a 15 degree downward kick angle. Few manufactures have invested the time, money and energy that is required to create an elliptical that will compare to the Octane brand ellipticals.  There are a lot of machines out there that cost twice as much and have about half of the overall quality.


While the intention here is not to push the Octane brand, the numbers of good quality elliptical machines available today are few and far between.  With an 800% increase in overall elliptical sales during the past 5 years, everyone and their brother are now making these machines.  Most ellipticals brands are generic, mass produced machines that manufacturers feel they can sell, simply because the elliptical market is hot.

It is essential that you purchase an elliptical trainer that fits your body.  Don’t be fooled by sales lines like; “this brand is the best because all the health clubs use it.”  Exercise machines in the health clubs are not there because they are the best; they are there because very few manufacturers specialize in this type of business.  A significant source of their income is generated from the lease terms and warranty work, not quality of equipment.   

The best ellipticals always come from the specialty fitness market, not from mass produced brands that sell to the health clubs or department stores.  Take your time, do your research and just use common sense.  When looking for an elliptical machine, ask yourself, does this machine really truly feel natural?


Buy an L7 or L8 LTD Landice Executive Treadmill, Get a $940 Video DVD System FREE!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Buy an Executive Landice Treadmill, Get a Vision DVD System FREELIMITED TIME OFFER! Buy an Landice L7 LTD Executive Treadmill or an Landice L8 LTD Executive Treadmill, get a $940 Vision DVD System FREE!

This is a tremendous savings! Save almost a thousand dollars on the Vision DVD System upgrade, not to mention STILL getting the lowest price on the web for an L7 or L8 LTD Executive Landice Treadmill. Don’t forget FREE SHIPPING when you order today! This offer won’t last long, get yours now while they’re still in stock.

Horizon Fitness Elite Series T6 AFG Treadmill Blowout!

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Horizon Fitness Elite Series T6 AFG is clearing out our Horizon Fitness Elite Series T6 Treadmill at $1499 - SAVE 35%! Hurry while this sale and supplies last!

The Horizon T6 AFG Treadmill boasts these features:

3.0-hp continuous duty motor delivers full power at 3600 rpm.
Speeds from .5 - 12 mph
Incline: 0 - 15%
Frame: Heavy-gauge steel withstands rigorous, daily use
Running area: 20” x 60” accommodates the longest strides
Belt thickness: 4.4 mm orthopedic belt for comfort and support
Cushion System: Thick elastomer 60/40/40 durometer, tri-zone stride.
Screen: 10 x 14 LED dot-matrix display offers key information with clarity
Programs: 10 (6 preset, 2 user, 2 heart rate)
Program Types: Manual, Intervals, Mountain Climb, Weight Loss, Peak Intervals, Pacer, THR Zone 1 & 2, Custom 1 & 2
Heart Rate: Polar® telemetric receiver w/chest strap and contact hand grips
Frame: Lifetime
Motor: 30 years
Parts: 2 years/5 years*
Labor: 1 year

AtHomeFitness is your source for Horizon Fitness T6 Treadmills, with Free Shipping.

Prices may change without notice, hurry while this sale and supplies last.

Free Shipping on Premium Landice Treadmills

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Free Shipping on Landice TreadmillsWhen surfing the internet and making a big purchase, the last thing you want to see is another $150.00 added to your order when ordering a Landice Treadmill. With its four-year top ranking in customer satisfaction, you’ll be exercising on the finest treadmill made when you buy a Landice L7 or L8 LTD Treadmill at So why pay for shipping, and still not get the lowest price? With other sites, you’ll pay more AND pay for shipping on a Landice, but not at

We’ve got your Landice L7 or L8 Treadmill in stock, ready to go with Free Shipping. Find the lowest price on Landice Treadmills and get it shipped for free, only at

Choose from these models of Landice L7 or L8:

Landice L7 LTD Sport Trainer Treadmill
Landice L7 LTD Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill
Landice L7 LTD Cardio Trainer Treadmill
Landice L7 LTD Executive Trainer Treadmill
Landice L8 LTD Sport Trainer Treadmill
Landice L8 LTD Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill
Landice L8 LTD Cardio Trainer Treadmill
Landice L8 LTD Executive Trainer Treadmill

Start shopping now for your Landice Treadmill today!

Landice L7 LTD Sport Trainer Treadmill

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

Landice L7 LTD Sport Trainer Treadmill

With your first step onto a Landice treadmill you become part of a unique workout experience - one that delivers a health-club quality workout in the privacy of your own home.

This is the philosophy that underlies the design of the L Series treadmills. Built to full institutional standards, these treadmills offer the latest in engineering technology combined with old-fashioned American craftsmanship.

Soft styling enables these treadmills to blend into any environment, but don’t be fooled by their refined looks and whisper-quiet operation. Underneath the hood is the raw power of a 3 horsepower continuous-duty drive motor.

For over 35 years, Landice has made treadmills - only treadmills. Landice has placed over 50,000 units in the harshest commercial environments. Because Landice uses the same time-tested commercial grade components in all of their treadmills, only Landice can offer a lifetime residential treadmill warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • The Strongest Treadmill Frame
    The Landice rust-free aircraft quality aluminum frame, with up to a 500-pound capacity is the strongest in the industry. Did you know that aluminum is three times stronger than steel per unit weight?
  • The Most Powerful Drive Motor
    The Landice 3 horsepower continuous-duty drive motor provides 0.5 mph to 12 mph speed range. Made in the USA, this motor can continuously deliver 3 HP without overheating.
  • Safety
    Wearing the safety lanyard with magnetic key switch provides added security should need to stop quickly.
  • Landice Treadmills Offer Two Levels of Shock Absorption

    Standard VFXPlus Shock Absorption System - 5 TIMES SOFTER THAN GRASS
    Designed for walkers and runners seeking significant impact reduction while maintaining a realistic outdoor feel. 4-ply treadbelt is twice as strong as conventional 2-ply
    Optional ElliptiMill Orthopedic Shock Absorption System - 7 TIMES SOFTER THAN GRASS
    The optional Orthopedic 4-ply, cushioned treadbelt provides the ultimate reduction of impact on joints and knees.

  • The Strongest Deck with the Longest Life
    Landice’s 1-inch thick, reversible deck is rated for 3,000 hours per side. Takes a pounding for over 30 years.
  • 1000-pound thrust elevation motor
    33% stronger than the nearest competitor’s for smooth operation and extended life.
  • The Most Efficient Flywheel
    The Landice high-inertia cast flywheel not only provides for a smooth feel, it also protects the motor and electronics from damaging foot-plant spikes that reduce life.
  • The Most Durable Rollers
    Landice large diameter rollers require less tension than smaller rollers since they have more surface area to grab the belt. Decreased tension means decreased friction and longer life on belts and bearings. Landice further enhances belt tracking by machining a crown on its front and rear rollers. With the heaviest rollers in the industry, Landice rollers actually act as two extra flywheels in the treadmill, further contributing to smooth operation and longer treadmill life.


L7 Base

  • Drive Motor 3 HP Continuous
  • Belt Size: 20"x58" four-ply treadbelt
  • Elevation: 15% electric grade elevation
  • Speed Range: 0.5 - 12 mph speed range
  • Rollers: 2-1/2" diameter, 14-pound steel rollers
  • Frame Material Aluminum - Frame is secured with Aircraft locking hardware
  • Deck Thickness 1 Inch Maintenance Free
  • Reversible Deck This deck provides a life of 3000 hours per side without lubrication.
  • Shock Absorption VFX Maximum shock Absorption across the entire running surface
  • Max User Weight: 400 lbs
  • L7 Footprint: 32" x 77"
  • Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Reading / Accessory Rack
  • Color: Titanium

Sport Trainer Console
The Sport Trainer offers a simplified control panel for users who wish to set their own pace.

  • Statistics display showing Time, Distance, Elevation, Calories, Pace and optional Pulse
  • Optional Accutrack contact heart-rate monitoring system with wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring


Built to last for generations, all Landice home treadmills feature an assignable bumper-to-bumper Lifetime Warranty on all parts, including
wear items.

  • Treadmill Frame: Lifetime
  • Treadmill Parts: Lifetime
  • Treadmill Wear Items: Lifetime
  • Labor: 1 year

Get Free Shipping on the Landice L7 LTD Sport Treadmill today!

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